Is a Rwandan-Burundian artist based in Belgium who focuses on hip-hop music and explores various art forms. He started recording music at the youthful age of 16 along side hip-hop artist and co-founder of MLG, Steezy- Steez. Sogokuru creates non-obsolescent art for the young generation to find a space to play around and locate themselves while transcending the ears of the older generation by tapping into shared experiences. Moreover, he is interested in innovative art that is deeply woven within, intrinsic with and inspired by afrofuturism. In this, he hopes to fuse together conspicuous fantasy and abstract reality.  As an artist that is dedicated to conceptualizing projects, he has previously worked with record label DME, BMCG and Khalilu’s clothing line and continues to work with Kigalicious. Sogokuru aspires to create spaces for passionate, growing young Rwandan artists to develop and expand their creativity.
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