Both Born in Bujumbura; Nt and Stikk started their music career as OTF(Overdo Team Forever) members in 2012, upon catching Snow Besso's attention due to their genius and sophisticated lyrics. Progressively, as they were rapping they used to challenge one another, which gave them a hardworking spirit. Until now it is hard to tell who's better than the other. At the end of their first year, going by the stage name (OTF), they received their first Award (Topten Tube Music Award 2013) as the New Revelation of the year. Stikk Claims that he is the King of French rap in Burundi, as he always says : "Ils se pretendent tous rois,mé cherche leurs royaumes, tu les trouvera pas. Moi,le mien je l'ai bâti. Parle du rap franco à Buja et di moi le nom ki te revi1 kom écho" Whereas, Nt stays keen on rapping in his mother tongue(Kirundi). And he is always at his best. The target for both of them is to stay on top. As they have always said: "it's easy to get success but hard to stay on top.."
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