Also known as Nshimiyimana Innocent is a Rwandan recording artist and a song writer born and raised in Rwanda. Chase started writing at the age of 15, during his junior high school days. Growing up, he always loved singing, a passion which he later sought to exploit. At the age of 20 after completing his senior high school, he released his first single "No chill", which was a mixture of rap and contemporary R&B. The song was an instant success. ​ In 2017, Chase released his debut album, which he named "Wait2Wait". The album has since been his greatest achievement so far. According to chase, 'Wait2Wait' as an album is his grown up side coming out and getting to experience all the changes he's been through in life. ​ Chase finds that his past; people he grew up with and the pressure to figure out who he really was, is the only reason he is where he is now.
35 tracks, 1 playlist