Yours is Mine

Song Lyrics

Sometimes, I think that you’re lyin’
that’s when u come up with somethin’
you know I can’t stop all this lovin’
but tellin’ the truth girl it’s something no,

I don’t want us to loose all that we have,
there’s no one in the world that I can trust,
same things always keep happenin’ to us,
we playing with our hearts now it’s too much yea yea!

Let us not be quick to undress each,
take it slow till we read each,
yours is mine, I’ll be fine if
I hold it down, I’mma make it mine yea yea,,
I’ll make it mine yea!,

Verse 1:
Please don’t make it fast tonight,
stay a little longer inside,
I just need a place to hide,
my demons have a lot to try yea yea,

I can’t fix my past, don’t make me try,
I don’t want you to try, don’t get too far,
we ’bout to lose ourselves don’t act surprised yea,
our minds are dirty enough it’s fine to smash

Chorus: (x2)

by Chase
From Chase

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