What Are We Doing

Song Lyrics

Things that I have done to succeed,
don’t wake me up before I sleep,
I don’t know nothing ’bout my dream,
It’s crazy that we found us right here,

We vowed that there’s nothing goin’ to take us,
why would we accept how they treat us,
we used have love for our brothers,
we used to be one and find answers
Now we don’t,
what happened to us why we don’t do it!
what are we doin’!?

It’s sad we had to be that way,
makin’ life a hell by the things we make!
It’s always done the way that we don’t want
It’s hard to give trust when u ain’t getting none!
What are we doin'(x7)

Where is love that holds all pieces
where is love that gives without takin’
the end is the same, we no different,
I care for u not what you look like yea ,

If we have Power
Let’s use not to hate
Let’s use it not kill
Let’s use it just to heal,
If we have strength
Let’s help our friends in need,
Let’s give out to the world, it’s all that people need,
Peace to these kids they need the love indeed,
We can not be broken,
If we stay close to each!(x2)


by Chase
From Chase

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