Song by King Lion.
Song Lyrics

Verse 1:
Look at you, look at you, ehh
Wanna forget that am bulletproof, ehh
Made out of art, I thank god for this day
Fuck racists tha’ts what I said
I don’t give a damn (damn)
Tell me: do I look like them?
I’m fresher than them
I’m rolling the game, these niggas can relate
You thought I was kidding, now they wanna pay
I put them down like tsunami
Introduce you to my journey
Ndababa cyane nki pilipili, nkora nkumurozi
I change reality, I run to the top
Give me some more
Give me some time, I will give you a show
You wanna know me, go see where am from
I do this for money, I do this for love
I change the game to a new dimension
Clip it,clap it, cut it, a few to mention
He was telling stories of were his from
Before we knew all these niggas were lying
These niggas realize am getting bigger
Every day and every day am getting better
Ariko se, niki batabona?
Mwami wishyamba mbarusha kumoka

I was wondering if you all gonna know, spin it some more
Am hungry, somebody get me dope
Am falling off get me on again
Am doing it the same
Am running up to fame, help me quick I get insane

Keep it silent, I’mma go real slow
Sometimes, I move like the wind you know
Me and my pen, we make an army for sure bombard them
Show them I move like the wind
Tsunami, yeah
Tsunami, yeah
I move like the wind
Tsunami, yeah
Tsunami, yeah

Verse 2: I heard the bell, ding dong
Same old rings that I heard long ago
Tho punished, we do the same fault
My mom is tired of singing the same song
she says:
Don’t wrong, don’t wrong, my son
I don’t regret mistakes I’ve done
I moved on but never forget the past
How would I remember all the things that I learned
Bambwira ibyo nabonye
Ibishya se nibihe?
Ntutekereze, iyumvire amabwire
Nizo nyigisho bampa uko bwije uko bukeye
Banyumvishe ndapa, bibaza iyo navuye
Oya oya mama
Wimarira umwanya
VVIP niho jye mbarizwa
Kac-city in the mangoes niyo mvuka
Rubber bands on a bundle nibyo nkunda


Verse 3:
My competition ain’t in Rwanda, if that’s what you’re searching for…
I let them have a little shine, coz these niggas came before
Am the youngest, I do it right
That’s what you should be scared of
They won’t give me a mic to rap, a sign that a king is born
I am the first, I don’t listen to no words
I can see motherfuckers getting shit they don’t deserve
All I need is a pen and paper
A spliff and some food
Never wanted to spit these bars, look at what you made me do
I said I go first,
Who is best in this shit
You don’t get to be the best, coz you invest in this shit
Am a rider
Am a writer, I could kill for this shit
Nigga get this matter straight, I could die for shit
I swear, I go first
Y’all niggas don’t impress me
Ask the ones at school, y’all niggas couldn’t change me
Chosen by the game, who do think can replace King?
I’m the Lion, you’re the prey, save your life when I’m hungry


by Lion King
From Lion King

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