Touch The Sky

Song Lyrics

Can I survive a day!?
They mean no harm, I pray!
Seems like they want me dead,
I have so much to lose,

I have so much to lose,
Them niggs want the truth,
Can’t give u up today!
Yea yea yea…
Can’t give u up today
Won’t give u up today,

I got no love for these hoes or maybe I do
But I won’t let’ em post it,
Thinking a lot ’bout the streets
It’s where we get strong I’m loyal to you!
All that we did,
Got us outta seeds
We grew to be close
I won’t let it take you…

We fight till we die
We can’t fail to try
One day we goin fly,
I want us to touch the sky!
U know, u know!

One day we gone touch the sky(x5)

Outro: (x2)
One day we gone touch the sky
I still wanna see you smile,
I can’t let you go that way,
It’s dark.

by Chase
From Chase

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