The Voice, Mazo – Slow

“Slow” from Dial@0:06 by The voice & Mazo. Released: 2017.

Song Lyrics

Verse 1: – Mazo –
I’m trapped in her palm
It’s been so so long
Your love, it keeps me goin
Your love, it keeps me goin
Your love, it keeps me goin

To keep it all fair
There’s nothing as curly as your hair
Ey, yeah!
Your love, it keeps me goin
Your love, it keeps me goin
Your love, it keeps me goin

Baby let’s go for a flight
Allume la spliff je veux qu’on vise tout droit pour le sky
Moi j’m’en bat les couilles de savoir combien de likes tu as
I’m not in love with that, but rather your heart & mind

When we bone, and roll a spliff, your bed is my second home
You got me locked, I’m focussed
I don’t even mind your palm anymore
You move me harder than a fucking storm
You so cruel, sometimes I think you cold to the bone
In this dream you put me on
I can’t escape, I mean I don’t want to either
I feel good
The first time that we baked,
You got me shook
Conversations about how we look,
At society,
Then we create a melodie,
What the fucks gotten into me,
I can’t possibly,
Fall in love with her so easily,
But please! x2

Don’t catch me…

Hook: – The Voice –
But I said beware
Of my love
When you enter my lare
Take it slow with me, slow baby
Catch your breath and feel the energy
Cuz if you rush me
I promise it’s a drug that you’ll be giving me
So take it slow,
Take it low
Just like you do with that smoke.

Verse 2: – Mazo –
Don’t play the victim, Mazo
Matter fact what’s your name anymore
How should I know?
I mean I really can’t call myself a lost soul
These thoughts I carry on
Thinking what the fuck is going on
What the future holds
A mind of gold
Golden thoughts conveyed through words the meanings that these lyrics hold
Cold to the bone
Frozen heart that I fell for
Found me trapped in her palm
How to escape, I ask myself
Her love something I’ve never felt
Her smile, the beauty of her face
But deep inside herself, there’s Lucifer
Creeping planning to massacre
My heart. ×2

by Underworra
From Underworra
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This is one hella hectic mixtape to jam to 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾🔥🔥🔥🔥
Great chill and turnup tunes,,, awesome work brothers keep it up … GRIND DONT STOP 🚫

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