Save Our Ways

Song Lyrics

I’m broke and I’m young
Is it something you want!?
It’s never that easy,
not with my feelings,
My head is tight,
Don’t know how to fly,
We can’t do this no more,
But if you want I can try, yea,
I can tryy…
Never mind i was just sayin’
What this is is what it will be,

I just want a life that I’m alive in,
How are we to blame our past gave nothin’
Now it’s never now we livin’ sliced up,
I’m givin’ you the truth and I’mma take that back
I’mma take that back yea,
Who are we when this can not go,
I want it all at once but it’s hard wit us,
Don’t make me take what I can’t give
You’re part of who I am but we don’t exist
We don’t exist… yea,

Don’t let us leave with nothin’
Don’t break whatever in-between,
We know who we know who we are,
I’m heading west lets just save our ways

Don’t talk here’s something that u mix with, every inch of inch we never goin repeat it,
I try hard to catch u fore u feel it,
I’m all to blame I’m nicer than you needed,
This can’t be hard to tell, and imma let go fore I hold on this side much,

by Chase
From Chase

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