Part 2. Mortals

Part 2. Mortals Lyrics

(Chase speaking)

Ever since I lost my diamond,
Told the guys that nothing is comin’
I don’t think they saw me leavin’
Now they act like they were helpin’
I know you fight and win to lose ah ah,
I know you find the things you lose ah ah,
Do you know what got me thru never,
Sometimes we eat to starve,
We don’t get what we deserve,
And we pay when we get served,
Know we don’t see life with the right aa eye,
There’s no we inside our hearts,
We hate the truth it really hurts,
We love to blame each other’s guts,
Man we the same different inside,
We only live by pickin’ sides,
We don’t commit it’s scary now,
Scary now,
Scary now,
Every day is precious,
Why they always chase us,
You all want a slice,
But you can’t take mine,

by Chase
From Chase

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