Outro (ft. Rayvin)

“Outro (Intro to “Coronation”) ft. Rayvin” from M.D.D.T (My Dirty Dark Thoughts) by Kenny K-Shot.

Song Lyrics:
Verse 1 (Kenny K. Shot):
I’ve always been tryna talk to God
Like Lord please tell me what’s the plot
Yes I used to have faith but nowadays things getting darker overtime
All my life I been way too fucking cool
To the point people took me for a fool
And all they did was take advantage or backstab for doing more than what I should
But I’m not gonna live my life on my knees
Gotta get on my feet and run for sibs
I know they gone remember me for my deeds
Instead of being a coward I’d rather die please
I only worry bout fees
You only worry bout feed
Only worry bout your weed
Show some love or suck a dick

Takin’ no pause
Rapping in English I’m breaking the law
Show me whoever said a Rwandan rapper can never be global I’m breakin’ his jaw
To all of you kids who be looking up to me
Watch me take over the globe
It doesn’t matter if you’re rich or you broke
The only thing that just matter’s your thoughts
Remember.. Don’t sit, don’t Quit
Mind ya own b’ness don’t snitch
You finna meet real bad people that gone promise you a lot but won’t do shit
Young nigga got kush n’ shit but that Benjamin still missin’
Still sweating, working, grinding hard as fuck a lotta ass a nigga be kissing damn…

Verse 2 (Rayvin):
Bur’ikiguruka ntabwo ari Malayika.
Buri wese urapa ntabwo ari umurapper.
Bifite banyirabyo, ibi si ibikabyo, ndarapa ukumva imirabyo.[damn]
Nicyo gihe bose babimenye[aah]
Ibibyimbye byose mbimene[aah]
Kuba ndapa suko ari ubukene, ahubwo nubukire…kumpano mfite.
Banziza umusatsi mwiza badafite.
Gusa bazavuga nanjy MBA medite.
Ntasooni mfite, mp’inzira mpite, nashiritse ubute, rap niyo mumutwe.
Si ama bling bling cngw se ama chainz.
Gusa bazumirwa babonye Ray atwaye benz.
Ndi mubanzi mbazi.
Gusa bariye benshii, baba bavuga byinshi, bitanafite sense[nonsense]
Nyita Rap PRINCE[no offense]yeahh
Niba turi kumwe ngaho fata chance[👊] damn
Rekana na past tense..

by Kenny K Shot
From Kenny K Shot

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