Song Lyrics

Remember when we used to be something,
You had a lot I thought you were something,
It’s not for you I did this shit for us,
It’s not me girl it’s you, I wanted us,
Now you changed, now you changed now you changed no no no no,
You changed,
I feel like I’m gone lose you soon yea,
These flowers got no water and they dying, yea…
I’m learnin’ from my past, girl I’m tryin’ yea,

I have a heart, I have a heart,
I have a heart, I’m human,
It’s what it is
It’s what it is,
It’s what it is, done tryin’,
Let’s cut to the chase, let’s not make a mess, let’s not lose a lot of who we are,
Let’s take what we’re taking, us we got options yea,
We got options baby yea,
Don’t you forget it, yea…

by Chase
From Chase

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