“Momma” from M.D.D.T (My Dirty Dark Thoughts) by Kenny K-Shot.

Song Lyrics:
I love you momma, I love you momma, I love you
I would never put another fucking person up above you
Super woman..You always did what you were supposed to
Thankful for your severity it, really did make me humble
And I’m older now I gotta make it for my siblings
The anger that I got for pops is messing up my system
Step-pops is also a bitch
He ain’t got the balls to be the man he claims that he is and take care of his children
And I’m sorry for this language mom I still got the manners
The only plan was too show you how much, how much you precious
And to your son you’re the only thing that matters
And I will never let another stupid nigga take advantage
I promise your love is as big as nothing just infinite
Independent and intelligent, taught me not be indigent
Ever since I was like five just the two of us intimate
Never begged for anything, you always fought like a militant
Without you in my life I’d be a pen without ink in it
And my pen is fulla ink but I cant describe all my sentiments
But I cant describe all my sentiments
I guess its cause my heart been through a whole lotta detriments
Promised you Imma prosper
I’m never breakin’ that promise
You thought I’ll end up a doctor but on the daily I practice on how to be the best rapper
Yeah I know it was not your wish
I took my own route cuz I don’t wanna live average damn

(Beat Switch) … The intruders – I’ll always love my momma

by Kenny K Shot
From Kenny K Shot

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