Keep It Safe

Song Lyrics

Verse 1:
Girl I don’t know where your mind is,
don’t know if you know how that feels,
I can see you’re hiding something
I just want to know it all,
We had our hearts inside
We coming out of each,
Girl we play too much,
You’re hurting and I do too,

If it was there, it will always be,
We’re just not ready,
Hope you get to find what you want baby,
Now it’s pretty hard to get what we need yea,
I tried to be all in it,
Hoping I could fight what was killin’ it,
So many ways I had to feel that shit,
I know I’m not alone heard u losin’ it,
I know it,
I know,
We had to keep it safer,

Verse 2:
It’s hard to say,
I don’t feel’em all like I did with you,
It’s really not the same when when I’m touchin’ em!,
I’m holding down on thoughts and the love we made yea,
Now I see what it was,
I can’t hate you love,
I feel all this shit at once
but I can’t go back!


I wanted your heart as it was yea,
How can we not give it all and
We left as we came girl it’s not safe,

I wanted your heart as it was yea,
How can we not give it all and,
We claim to love each other,
But We turned our backs at each other,


by Chase
From Chase

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