Song Lyrics

Half of these stories that they had goin on are bullshit,
They don’t really care about you, they just playing on ur feelings
It comes with a price don’t mistake it from these other things u don’t fight for,
U don’t do that to you,
U don’t do that to you,
U don’t do that to you
U don’t do that to you,

I just want a life man, we all just wanna live
Come back when u’re done, don’t say shit behind back
All that’s inside is the empty truth u hide
Let go, let go, let go,
Let go, let go, let go,

I’m calling all angels
Somethin’ here’s special
Let me make it up to these hearts
I broke,
These promises I broke,
The loneliness I speak of… (Yeah)

Let’ em have it back again
Then I snatch it from their hands
All that hype is goin to end
I know ur girl, we not just friends
I’m done with east, I’m heading west
Switchin’ from drama right away,
Don’t call me bro, we not related,
Not from ways, u niggs kiss ass
I do right for my own
Man I write stuff from my soul,
Man I hit the head on my kill,
I face the prey when it’s real,
I got sides inside
a face in faces,
I’m just the one, I am not nice!

I don’t mind what I really am,
didn’t get to chose man this life is what I can have above all I have
Got respect for ones that I have,
And I’m gonna get to you
Split the check and chase a new one
And I’m gonna fix you too,
Hit me up if u’re a real one,

You like these colors that they show you,
How do we get far if we don’t know how to start it
got my hands inside,
They not clean hope u don’t chase them away…

by Chase
From Chase

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