Chakratang, Mazo – Gimme

“Gimme” from Dial@0:06 by Chakratang & Mazo. Released: 2017

Song Lyrics

Verse 1: – Chakratang –
First project and I’m barely seventeen,
Second project and I’m still seventeen,
Me and the team we the illest on the scene,
Crispy clean we don’t need a vaccine,
Everything green you know issa routine,
I’m a machine and you lackin protein,

I been pushing niggas outta trenches,
You can’t fuck me boi you lackin inches,
Puffin on the herbs and I lost my senses,
If time is really money, I’m cutting expenses,
If you don’t share my vision then get you some lenses,
Time manipulation when i step it stretches,
Leader of the new school fuck these bitches,
Leader of the new school gimme riches,
Steady bakin up I been in the kitchen,
Working on this its the new edition,
Puffing on the haze and i lost my vision,
Pullin out the scope for better precision,
All of these niggas they copy and paste,
All of these niggas they all got the haste,
Glock posted at the level of my waist,
I’m the best lyricist there is around here,
Fuck yo lil strings I’m the new shakespeare,
Drop the EP yo career disappear,
Look at my reach you ain’t even coming near,

Verse 2: – Mazo –
Jupiter ascending,
Go fast when you riding,
Bullet proof and I’m gliding,
Blind your sight with the lighting,
I shoot 2 2 got you dying,
Between the eyes, assassinating,
See me reload better be bracing,
Before I knock out your braces,
Leave you dead when we racing,
I’m making my fucking statement
Keep the speed keep the cadence,
UMC it’s an allegiance,
You better hear what I’m sayin,
Ain’t no repeating in here
Post on the gram, you stuntin,
I fucked your girl send my care

Stop playin
Lookin so fine be my mamasita,
Breeze on you hair look like an Angelina,
Lost so hard in her curls
I try to talk to her, her face says do not disturb
I play it cool, later plan a rendez vous
10pm in her room
I make my move,
All cool
Feel of her hair so smooth
She so cruel

Layered: – Mazo –
And before you know it,
You boy is on it,
I swear I lived up for this moment,
Finish the session with some green, I roll it,
Yeah we live for this moment,

Outro: – Chakratang –
Gimme a chance,
Gimme some time,
I ain’t the devil, you know that you’re mine…

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