’36 April.Loud’

Song Lyrics

Let’s sit down let’s just talk
I’m not the same, I know the way it felt,
I took ur love for granted,
It hurts the same, I mean it,

Everytime (x4)
When I listen to songs that we had just for us, I miss it,
Now I can’t get u off what I think no I can’t
Amma need us to not let all this go in vain,

we had it, now we don’t
I’m actin kinda strong
It kills me I was wrong
I messed up…

Chorus: (x4)
If I speak it’s goin’ to be loud
If I give it’s goin’ to be enough,

Verse 1:
I crossed my heart but didn’t hope to die,
I told the truth but all I meant were lies,
I hate a lot that u were something fine,
I hate a lot that u don’t get to be mine,

It hurts, it hurts,
I understand how it works,
I messed up I don’t deserve to be touched
was way too dark to be the light u expected,
was way too young to get and care what I gave!,
bigger than elephant
that’s how big the heart I broke was,
I’m tryin’ to get you back
but instead I take it backwards,
was only just a boy that had a dream to be the man,
was only just a boy that had it all and never noticed,
It’s hard to take it all back like it never happened,
but if I never tell you this I’m afraid I’m goin’ lose u forever! don’t wanna lose u!



by Chase
From Chase

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